This December our Floral Days Cafe is taking Christmas seriously – you’re seriously going to love the treats we have in store for you! Prepare for your mouth to start watering if 3, 2, 1…

Christmas pudding cheesecake

A rich creamy cheesecake with copious amounts of Coles classic Christmas pudding.

Christmas pudding cheesecake


Pear and mulled wine Frangipanes

A classic frangipane on a base of pear fruit filling and mixed spices, finished with a generous slice of pear infused with mulled wine.

(No picture, sorry – these frangipanes get whipped away and eaten before we ever have a chance to take a picture!)


Gingerbread cupcakes

A vanilla sponge flavoured with ginger and Christmas spices, topped with vanilla frosting.

gingerbread cupcakes

Stollen slice bakes

Classic German Festive fruit-bread packed with marzipan.

Stollen tray bake

Come on down to Hilltop and don’t leave it too late – we expect these delicious cakes could be a sell out every day!