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February 7, 2022

What to do in the garden in February

Things to do this month

Its time to buy onion sets and summer flowering bulbs such as dahlias and Gladioli

Clean and fill bird baths and feeders.

Create a wildlife pile. Add woody cuttings such as autumn raspberry canes, and other material from around the garden. Place the pile out of the way and leave room to add to it. It will provide welcome shelter for a range of garden visitors.

Clean and sharpening tools and other equipment. (Dont forget we have the Sharpener guy that visits us once a month)

Up and coming dates will be in our news section on the website

Make a final check of seed stocks and ordering any that are missing.

Tidy and cleaning the greenhouse. Use Vitax greenhouse cleaner or Jeyes fluid

Repair garden structure and start treating sheds and fences with Ronseal timbercare

Apply patio magic to garden paths

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