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April 1, 2024

Special Offers this April at Hilltop Garden Centre Clacton

Welcome to Hilltop Garden Centre Clacton, where we pride ourselves on offering top-quality products and expert gardening advice to our valued customers. As a family-run business, we're committed to providing a friendly and convenient shopping experience for gardeners of all ages and of all expertise. Check out this month's special offers in-store!

Rocket Gro Peat-Free Compost - 2 bags for £13!

Take advantage of our special offer on Rocket Gro peat-free compost this April - 2 bags for just £13 across the range. Our compost is 100% organic approved, chemical-free, and peat-free, ensuring healthy and thriving plants without harming the environment. The range includes:

Ericaceous Compost for Acid-Loving Plants: Nurture your acid-loving plants with our nutrient-rich Ericaceous compost. Specifically formulated for rhododendrons, blueberries, azaleas, hydrangeas, camellias, and heathers, this versatile product provides essential nutrients and supports plant growth for up to 3 months.

Basket and Container Compost for Bedding Plants: Achieve stunning results with our multi-purpose potting mix, perfect for containers, hanging baskets, and bedding plants. This compost blend is rich in nutrients and soil improvers, ensuring superior growth and vibrant blooms in your garden. This month, our range of bedding plants has arrived and this compost is ideal to get your bedding blooming and growing healthy.

Fruit and Veg Compost for Healthy Produce: Grow healthier fruits and vegetables with this all-natural Fruit & Vegetable compost. Designed to support and feed your plants for up to 3 months, this versatile product is ideal for organic growers looking to enhance their homegrown produce. Check out our range of vegetable plants that have arrived in-store this month for the perfect planting combo.

Levington® Tomorite® Tomato Food - £6.99 with 20% extra free!

Levington® Tomorite® Concentrated Tomato Food is the go-to liquid plant nourishment for tomatoes, fortified with beneficial seaweed extract. Perfect for tomatoes, veggies, and potted flowering plants, it yields superb, rich-tasting tomatoes. Recommended for tomatoes (available in-store now) and other fruiting plants in various settings, including greenhouses, gardens, and patio containers. Also suitable for courgette, potato, pepper, and aubergine plants.

Rewards Club Exclusive Offer - Free Mediterranean Herb!

Join our Rewards Club to receive a free Mediterranean herb plant of your choice when you spend £10 or more in-store - simply show the email voucher on your phone at the till. Choose from a wide range of herbs worth £4.99 and up your cooking game with fresh, aromatic flavours straight from your garden. Mediterranean herbs, including rosemary, thyme, and basil, offer numerous benefits for you, and your garden. Their fragrant foliage deters pests, attracting beneficial insects while adding visual interest with colours and textures. Additionally, their low maintenance requirements make them ideal for busy gardeners. Furthermore, cultivating Mediterranean herbs promotes biodiversity, supporting local ecosystems and pollinators. Use them to flavour your cooking, in herbal tea blends, or for natural remedies.

Planting tip: Herbs thrive when planted in a sunny position (think mediterranean climate). Plant in a 50/50 mix of our Rocket Gro Multi Purpose Compost with added John Innes, and horticultural grit for the best results.

Not yet a member of Hilltop's Rewards Club? Join in-store by asking a member of our team or join online here.

Dogsee Chews - now half price!

Celebrate National Pet Month with Hilltop Garden Centre's half-price offer on Dogsee Chews! These long-lasting vegetarian dog treats are perfect for dogs, promoting dental health by preventing plaque and tartar buildup while keeping their breath fresh. Made from the finest cow and yak milk churpi sourced from the Himalayas and smoke-dried for 35 days for extra hardness, these delicious chews are a favourite among furry friends. Treat your doggy to these natural chews and watch them enjoy hours of chewing bliss. Don't miss this limited-time offer to pamper your pets with quality treats they'll love!

Dogsee Chews

British Grown Herbs - 5 for £10!

Hilltop Garden Centre has a tempting offer on British-grown herbs this month - just £2.49 each or 5 for £10! Immerse your senses in a world of aromatic flavours, from the earthy essence of rosemary to the vibrant freshness of mint, these locally sourced herbs add depth and flavour to your dishes. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a budding home cook, explore the rich tapestry of tastes waiting to be discovered in each herb.

British Grown Herbs

Pop in to Hilltop Garden Centre to take advantage of these offers while stocks last!

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