1. Our feathered friends will appreciate bird food all the more in cold weather. We recommend buying specialist bird food rather than leaving out household scraps. Seed and nut mixtures provide a better diet for them.
  2. Hedgehogs like a heap of leaves to winter in, so leave the odd pile in an out-of-the-way corner of your garden.
  3. Continue your winter digging, and make sure you dig in organic manure and composted bark. Your soil will be primed for spring!
  4. Wet weather can leave your patios and garden paths looking distinctly green. Patio Magic is a great product to keep your paths and patios spotless.
  5. Prune woody ornamental plants and fruit trees and bushes
  6. Shake snow off trees, shrubs and hedges regularly to avoid damage. It can be surprisingly heavy!
  7. Water tree ferns sparingly through the top.
  8. Bring bay trees under cover to protect them from the cold weather
  9. If you have plants outside that are vulnerable to frost damage, make sure you offer them some protection.
  10. It’s a good idea to insulation your garden taps and exposed pipes against the cold.