February warms a seasoned gardener’s heart. It is now officially spring! Warmth and more sunlight encourages sheltered spots and greenhouses come alive.

  1. On sunny windowsills and heated greenhouses, sow of early seeds and tubers in Growise Seed & Cutting compost
  2. Your shrubs and trees will benefit from a layer of Farmyard Manure, composted bark or Blooming Marvelous Mulch.
  3. Divide and protect young shoots of herbaceous perennials and add a rich mulch of compost.
  4. For all established trees and shrubs begin by adding mulch with Chip Bark and feed with a light sprinkling of chicken manure or bonemeal
  5. Bare in mind the tender plants need protection from frost
  6. It’s time to purchase first early seed potatoes to start chitting in trays ready for planting in late February and early March.
  7. Keep your bird feeders topped up. Food for birds may still be in short supply. If you haven’t already, think about introducing a bird-box into your garden, and clean out any bird boxes you already have.