Make your own beautiful planted arrangements for autumn

As summer comes to an end, your bedding plants are running out of steam. It’s time for a change! If you’re a part of our rewards club then make sure you pick up your free Cyclamen Indiaka. Below you’ll find a selection of other plants that will complement your gift nicely.

You’ll find a fab selection of vibrant autumn bedding plants here. Cyclamen, hardy chrysanthemums, pansies and violets will keep things colourful as long as you deadhead them. We recommend combining these with foliage plants. We have a fantastic range of conifers, herbs, ivy and grasses so you can add structure, different levels, textures, and scents to your garden.

Our top tips

  1. Use perennials that you can plant in the garden afterwards
  2. Make use of foliage. These are ideal for structure and hardy enough to withstand the winter.
  3. Make the most of woody herbs such as thyme.
  4. Heucheras stay looking good through winter and come in an array of colours.
  5. Use a good quality compost such as Westland Multi-Purpose combined with John Innes or New Horizon peat free all-purpose.