September is the perfect month to aerate, scarify, and feed your lawn to prepare it for the coming winter.

Keep flowers blooming for longer by continuing to deadhead regularly.

Lift and divide perennials to get plants for free, and stake tall plants that have flopped over, using canes and string.

Remove shading from greenhouses and give the greenhouse a thorough clean using disinfectant. It will then be ready for sowing sweet peas, sweet William, and other early spring flowering plants. Sowing seeds now will ensure a stronger, healthier plant.

It’s time to buy spring flowering bulbs and get them planted in the garden. Make a plan for your spring pots and containers and try out three layer planting, which involves planting bulbs in varying depths in gritty compost with plenty of drainage, to result in a continuous flowering display. It’s possible to achieve this using early and late flowering tulips, daffodils, tulips and crocus, or various height tulips.

September is a great month to see which plants have worked really well and which plants need to be moved to a different position. Walk around your garden, taking pictures as you go so that you have a record of where plants are, as they can be difficult to find once they die back.

If you grow your own, plant strawberry runners and onion sets this month. Plant up winter veg now to ensure a steady stream of delicious fresh vegetables through winter!