October is a great time to mulch around tender plants, to protect them in case of an early frost.

Repair bare patches of lawn using grass seed or turf.

Plant shrubs and trees while the soil is still warm and moist as this will allow the roots to establish before the onset of winter and encourage stronger, earlier flowering next year.

Clear fallen and diseased leaves from around the base of roses to prevent the spread of fungal diseases, however do not dispose of diseased leaves in the compost or recycle bin.

Plant up containers and pots with a mixture of evergreen, bulbs, and late flowering perennials to last until spring

Lift Dahlias and store the tubers over winter in a greenhouse or shed.

Plant spring-flowering bulbs now – try planting Crocus, Aconites and Anemones around the base of trees, along with cyclamen plants to bring a real woodland feel to your garden.

Plant evergreen Ferns, Hellibores and Epimediums in shady areas of your garden.

Lift and divide overgrown Hostas, Day Lilies and Crocosmia to create more plants for your garden.

Smarten up hedges with a final cut of the year, it’s a good idea to cut hedges to a ‘batter’; cut wider at the base and narrow at the top – this helps to shed winter snow and rain better and helps protect the hedge against strong winter winds.