Growth may be slowing down in the garden, but there’s still lots to do to prepare your garden for the winter:

  • Protect vulnerable plants and trees in your garden by wrapping fleece around them
  • Don’t forget to wrap up pots and lift them off the ground by placing pot feet underneath.
  • If you have a greenhouse you’ll need to insulate it to protect greenhouse plants and help them over-winter.

Make leafmould!

Collect fallen autumn leaves to produce Leafmould – a nutrient filled soil conditioner that’s invaluable in the garden, and it’s free!

How to make leafmould

  1. Collect the fallen leaves from the lawn into a black bin bag
  2. Sprinkle water into the bag to moisten the leaves
  3. Loosely tie up the bag
  4. Punch a few holes into the bag to allow for air flow
  5. Store for up to two year to allow the leaves to decompose

If you have a particularly large amount of leaves then you may want to build a longer-lasting and more substantial composting bin. Use chicken wire and stakes to construct a box type structure and fill with leaves. The chicken wire will allow the air to freely pass through and the rain will keep the leaves moist. Simply turn the leaves every so often to aerate.

More tips for November

Cut back dead and decaying foliage in the garden, and apply thick mulch around any tender plants that will stay in the border.

Wash, clean and dry all plastic plant pots, removing all signs of soil to reduce the chance of infection, and store ready to reuse next year.

Prune leggy Roses by half to prevent wind rock as this could loosen the roots.

Split and transplant any herbaceous perennial clumps to increase stock around the garden and get free plants!

Finally, there’s still plenty of time to plant spring flowering bulbs and plant up hanging baskets for a beautiful autumn and winter display.