To prolong the flowering period spend time deadheading your plants every day, and ensure that you feed flowering perennials, roses and tomatoes once a week.

Keep the blades high when cutting grass to allow the grass to recover from the exceptionally hot and dry weather we’ve been experiencing.

Summer prune fruit trees to allow airflow; this will not only ward off disease but will also strengthen the new fruiting spurs.

Stake tall plants such as Hollyhocks, Dahlias and Rudbekia to prevent the plant from falling over and breaking.

Make sure that you keep on top of watering potted plants and hanging baskets: it’s a good idea to place pots in a shallow dish to avoid wasting water, and to make sure the plant doesn’t dry out – especially considering the recent heatwave we’ve been experiencing.

If you grow your own tomatoes watch out for blight; if the stems become blackened remove the fruits and ripen them up in a paper bag stored in a cool dark place.

When the flowers of Lavender plants have spent, give the stems a trim with secateurs, taking an inch off this year’s growth, but make sure that some green growth remains.

Mulch around the base of plants to help them to retain moisture in the soil.

Finally, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour in the garden while it is in such spectacular form. Enjoy!