00 Gardening tasks for October (UK) • Weeley, Clacton on Sea, Essex

Look after your lawn 
Take care for your lawn by brushing and raking leaves off the grass. Cut the grass for the final time of the year at the end of October. Make sure that the last cut is slightly higher than during the summer to help protect from frost damage.

Give the garden a tidy up and prepare
Its a good time to get cleaning the greenhouses with Jeyes fluid or Vitax greenhouse cleaner. Garden furniture will need covering or storing for the winter.If you don’t already have a compost heap, October is a great time to start one with all the leaves and cuttings.
Now would be a good time to apply a winter wash on dormant tree to help prevent pest and disease the following year.

Plant spring-flowering bulbs
We still have plenty of time to plant bulbs for spring colour but please be aware stock is selling through fast this year.

Plant feeding
It’s a good time of year to add slow release root feed such as bonemeal to shrubs and roses, just a handful per per plant. This would help establishment and give a boost to the up and coming spring season.

Protect plants and structures from frost
Preparation is key before frost, snow and high winds arrive. Insulate any outdoor containers from frost using bubble wrap or fleece and where possible, move pots of tender and less hardy plants to a sheltered area.