It’s always difficult to predict the weather in January – it could hover around a balmy 10oC or plummet below freezing, with a super flurry of snow to boot. Whatever the case, we can be pretty sure that it will be generally cold, so this month it’s important to make sure that your plants, trees and shrubs are protected from frost (horticultural fleece or mulch work a treat). Also be sure to avoid walking on very wet soil, which can compact under foot. Instead, use a plank of wood if you really must walk across the lawn.

So, what else should you do?

  • Give deciduous trees a quick prune to keep them healthy
  • Apply a plant oil-based winter wash to fruit trees to remove unwanted pests
  • Prune back Wisteria shoots to about 10cm in length to help ensure a flourish of flowers later on in the year
  • Prune out suckers and weak shoots from flowering shrubs to ensure better flowering
  • Regularly deadhead and remove yellowing leaves from winter Cyclamen plants and winter bedding. This will help flowering last longer
  • Finally, start thinking about planting fruit bushes for the coming year’s produce