British-Grown Christmas Trees

We only stock premium British grown Christmas trees. Cut and pot grown. Stock will be arriving the 3rd week of November

Plant of November – Beauty Berry

Callicarpabodinierivar. giraldii‘Profusion’Also known as beauty berry This interesting shrub has clusters of small pink flowers in the summer and clusters of striking, violet, bead-like berries that appear in autumn and remain after the plant has lost its leaves. The foliage is often bronze-purple, becoming dark green in summer.

Gardening tasks for November

Start moving tender plants such as fuchsias, geraniums and non-frost hardy herbs into the greenhouse Clear fallen leaves on a weekly basis Raise containers to prevent frost damage Encourage winter birds to your garden by leaving out bird food Check bonfires before lighting to make sure no wildlife is sheltering inside Add any faded bedding plants to the compost heap…

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