Garden Care

We stock everything you will need to get your garden looking its absolute best, from feeds to fertilisers, weed and pest control to plant support – and all from market leading brands. Plus our friendly staff can provide you with expert advice to help you make the best selection for your requirements.

Growing media and mulches

Barks and mulches help to condition soil, giving plants and seeds what they need for healthy growth. Available in bags from 20-50 litres, our range of composts includes several multi-purpose varieties, plus more specialised products such as moisture control, traditional potting, tub and basket, herbaceous, rose, tree and shrub, seed and cutting, expand-gro, and soil-based. Brands include John Innes, J Arthur Bowers and Micracle Gro.

J-Arthur-Bowers-Growmore-Plant-Foodbark-chipsmulti purpose compostpotting mix

Weed and Pest Control

To maintain a weed- and pest-free garden, we stock a wide range of specially designed products from Roundup, Weedol, Pathclear, Verdone, Roseclear and Bug Guns.


Fertilisers and plant food

Designed to improve the natural resilience of plants and stimulate growth, feeds and fertilisers will help to ensure that your garden is stronger, for longer. We stock a wide range of plant foods, straights and lawn feeds from brands such as Miracle-Gro and EverGreen.