Cyclamen Indiaka

The cyclamen is one of the most beautiful and colourful flowers to enjoy in autumn, and Indiaka cyclamen’s  distinctive bicoloured petals are a particular treat.

These hardy plants withstand temperatures as low as -2°C in your garden, and will do well in a sheltered location in partial shade. You can plant them in the ground or pop them in a planter.

They also do well indoors but prefer moderate temperatures – nothing too warm.

Top tip! If you need some flowers for table decorations, cyclamen can work beautifully!

Keep the soil damp, but not saturated. Secure some tin foil or a food bag with an elastic band around the bottom of the pot to prevent leaks. Wrap the pots in hessian sacking or parcel paper, and secure with a ribbon. You’ll have a pretty table decoration that can also be gifted to your special guests.

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