Winter can be harsh, but we’ve got everything you need to fuel your home, protect your garden and keep the bird chirpy!

We stock an extensive range of wild bird feeds and feeders

Wild birds can be fed all year round but in the harsh winter keeping food resources topped up can be very rewarding for both them and us.
Niger will attract goldfinches and sunflower seeds will attract tits and greenfinches. Peanuts are ideal for energy and attract tits, green finches.
Fat balls (without nets) will attract a large range of species and offer a boost of calories over winter.
Meal worms provide plenty of protein and will attract robins and blue tits.

Your home! We stock a range of CPL winter fuels such house coal and logs

Don’t forget to winter protect your garden

We stock greenhouse insulation, frost bags for the tender plants and don’t forget the tap warmers!