Our spring flowering bulb shop is now open!

Plan your spring garden with our range of tulips, narcissus and crocuses. You’ll find all the traditional varieties as well as more unusual flowers which will make people look twice as they stroll past your garden.

Autumn bedding plants are in stock

We have a brilliant range of pansies, viola, hardy chrysanthemums, cyclamen, bellis and more. They’re ideal for planting those containers and baskets! And this month we will help you replant your flowering baskets in store.

Did you know? Our pansies, viola, cyclamen, bellis and heuchera plants are grown in nurseries in Essex!

Organic CleanLawn

This is a fast-acting lawn feed that will sustain your lawn for up to 100 days

It contains mycorrhiza fungi for strong roots and improved resistance against drought and frost – perfect for the unpredictable British weather.

No scarifying necessary and also suitable for newly laid lawns!



These plants are famed for their superb range of spectacular foliage and attractive late spring/summer flowers. They are usually bought for their amazing coloured foliage. The vibrancy of leaf colour alone makes these semi-evergreen perennials a must have.


We have just received a range of fruit and ornamental trees, all British grown! Autumn is a great time for planting trees. The soil temperature and dampness is key. New trees need to bed in, and this is difficult if the ground is too hot or cold, or the soil waterlogged or dry.