It’s grow your own time and get planting! What better way to kick of a healthy new year than by growing your own vegetables and getting a bit of exercise by planting seeds in the garden? Sounds good to us.

This month we have a huge selection of seeds arriving in store; if you can think of it, we hope to have it!


Seed Potatoes

Potatoes are generally grown vegetatively, meaning you re-plant a part of the actual potato. These pieces are called seed potatoes, but they are not actually seeds at all. We select the healthiest, strongest seed potatoes to avoid problems and help deliver you a good harvest at home.

seed potatoes for sale

Onion Sets

Onion sets are small, immature onions, which should be planted in spring (Mid-March is a great time) or late summer. The onion sets increase in size as they grow, and each forms one full-sized bulb when they are ready to harvest. We have a wonderful range of onion sets arriving in store this month, ready for spring planting!

cheap onion sets