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September 30, 2023

Embrace the Beauty of October with These Stunning Plants from Hilltop Garden Centre

As the calendar turns to October, the garden undergoes a captivating transformation. The hues shift from the vibrant greens of summer to the rich, warm tones of autumn. It's the perfect time to enhance your outdoor space with plants and shrubs that shine in this season. At Hilltop Garden Centre, we've curated a selection of exceptional flora to elevate your October garden experience.

1. Skimmia japonica 'Rubella'

Skimmia japonica 'Rubella' is a compact male skimmia with striking features. Its reddish, deep green leaves provide a vibrant backdrop year-round. However, what truly steals the show are the dark red flower buds that form in autumn and continue to enchant throughout the winter months. Plant 'Rubella' to add a pop of colour to your October garden.

2. Skimmia 'Kew Green'

Similar to 'Rubella,' Skimmia 'Kew Green' is an evergreen shrub known for its aromatic, broadly oblanceolate leaves. This beauty produces large clusters of small, fragrant greenish-yellow flowers in spring, creating a sensory delight. With 'Kew Green,' you'll enjoy both the visual and olfactory pleasures it brings to your garden.

3. Hebe Metta

Hebe Metta is a versatile evergreen shrub that provides glossy green foliage year-round. Its bushy, compact habit makes it an excellent choice for both borders and containers. While it blooms throughout summer and into autumn, its lush greenery remains an attractive focal point, adding elegance to your garden even as temperatures drop.

4. Viburnum tinus 'Spirit'

Viburnum tinus 'Spirit' is an evergreen treasure known for its resilience and grace. In October, this shrub takes center stage with clusters of pink buds that open to reveal lightly scented white flowers. As November arrives and winter takes hold, the delicate blossoms continue to grace your garden with their beauty and fragrance.

October offers a unique opportunity to witness the garden's transition from one season to another. By choosing plants like Skimmia, Hebe, and Viburnum from Hilltop Garden Centre, you ensure your garden remains a captivating and vibrant oasis. Embrace the colors, scents, and textures of autumn with these exceptional additions to your outdoor space. Visit Hilltop Garden Centre today and let your October garden thrive in beauty and splendour.

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