Your Gardening To-Do List for October

There’s lots to be getting on with in your garden this month, particularly if you want to enjoy a good display of colour come springtime. THINGS TO DO IN OCTOBER October is the best month for planting spring flowering bulbs (of which we have a fab selection btw!) Lift and store your dahlias, gladioli and summer flowering bulbs so they…

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October’s Plant of the Month

We love seeing Skimmia in an autumn garden These invaluable evergreen shrubs bring a beautiful display to your garden throughout each season. Through the winter their glossy evergreen leaves provide a lovely backdrop to their long-lasting winter berries. And when spring is in the air once more, your Skimmia plant will bloom with white or pale yellow flowers.

What to plant in your garden during September

Make your own beautiful planted arrangements for autumn As summer comes to an end, your bedding plants are running out of steam. It’s time for a change! If you’re a part of our rewards club then make sure you pick up your free Cyclamen Indiaka. Below you’ll find a selection of other plants that will complement your gift nicely. You’ll…

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