Your gardening jobs for February

February warms a seasoned gardener’s heart. It is now officially spring! Warmth and more sunlight encourages sheltered spots and greenhouses come alive. On sunny windowsills and heated greenhouses, sow of early seeds and tubers in Growise Seed & Cutting compost Your shrubs and trees will benefit from a layer of Farmyard Manure, composted bark or Blooming Marvelous Mulch. Divide and…

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Quick tip for February

We’re not all dedicated gardeners. Many people struggle to make time for their outdoor space, but this is a quick, simple thing you can do to give your plants a bit more life. If you’ve planted winter pansies and violas, take a minute to remove faded flowers to stop them setting seed. This will encourage a flush of new flowers…

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January’s Plant of the Month

If you want all year interest in your garden, this popular shrub is for you. Nandina domestica is an upright evergreen shrub which turns coppery-red in the autumn, bears lovely pinkish-white flowers in the summer, and gives rise to shiny red berries in the winter and the spring.