October’s Plant of the Month

We love seeing Skimmia in an autumn garden These invaluable evergreen shrubs bring a beautiful display to your garden throughout each season. Through the winter their glossy evergreen leaves provide a lovely backdrop to their long-lasting winter berries. And when spring is in the air once more, your Skimmia plant will bloom with white or pale yellow flowers.

Special offers for September

Hardy Herbs from East Anglia We have a lovely range of hardy herbs from only £1.49 These are all grown in East Anglia and make a brilliant addition to the garden. These hardier herbs come into their own this time of year. As the days cool and we all start craving rich stews and casseroles, having fresh herbs to hand…

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September rewards club – your free gift

Cyclamen Indiaka The cyclamen is one of the most beautiful and colourful flowers to enjoy in autumn, and Indiaka cyclamen’s  distinctive bicoloured petals are a particular treat. These hardy plants withstand temperatures as low as -2°C in your garden, and will do well in a sheltered location in partial shade. You can plant them in the ground or pop them…

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