Special offers at Hilltop this October

BOGOF on Bird Seed ♫♫Feeeeed the birrrrrds. Buy one, get one freeeeee♫♫. Food for our feathered friends begins to get a bit sparse at this time of year. Keep them well fed with Tom Chambers’ Daily Seed Mix. Normally £4.99 a bag, but for October they’re buy one, get one free! Not quite tuppence a bag, but still excellent value!…

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October Rewards Club – your free gift!

Your free gift this month is a firm favourite for gardeners everywhere – Violas! Violas are smaller than pansies and have more abundant flowers. They often trail so they look brilliant in hanging baskets, patio pots or window boxes. These plants are mini but mighty: they produce more flowers per plant than a pansy. Did you know? Viola flowers are…

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October’s Plant of the Month

We love seeing Skimmia in an autumn garden These invaluable evergreen shrubs bring a beautiful display to your garden throughout each season. Through the winter their glossy evergreen leaves provide a lovely backdrop to their long-lasting winter berries. And when spring is in the air once more, your Skimmia plant will bloom with white or pale yellow flowers.