Your FREE gift for February

This month enjoy a pretty Wild Primrose for free if you’re a member of our Hilltop Rewards Club. Our pretty native primrose, a stalwart of woodlands, hedgerows, and gardens across the UK, is a sure sign that spring is on the way. Our Hilltop primroses are locally grown. Let these delicate, pale yellow flowers lighten your garden, and they’re edible…

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Quick tip for February

We’re not all dedicated gardeners. Many people struggle to make time for their outdoor space, but this is a quick, simple thing you can do to give your plants a bit more life. If you’ve planted winter pansies and violas, take a minute to remove faded flowers to stop them setting seed. This will encourage a flush of new flowers…

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January’s Plant of the Month

If you want all year interest in your garden, this popular shrub is for you. Nandina domestica is an upright evergreen shrub which turns coppery-red in the autumn, bears lovely pinkish-white flowers in the summer, and gives rise to shiny red berries in the winter and the spring.