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What’s new this December?

British grown poinsettia in traditional red and other colours! Choose from our freshly made up indoor and outdoor arrangements! Don’t forget the doggies this Christmas! We stock a lovely range of dog toys, treats and dog beds in store now.! Ideal gifts for the little ones! Wooden puzzles, Wilberry Soft Toys and the Puppet Company.

Makeover for Floral Days Cafe!

We are pleased to reopen Floral Days Café in December with our new extended seating area!

Things to do in the garden this December

Draw up your plans for which flowers you want to grow next year and order the seeds, so you don’t miss out in spring. Drain irrigation and fit tap covers to avoid winter damage. Cover tender plants with crop protection fleece to avoid frost damage Plant hardy trees, shrubs, roses, climbers and perennials, providing the soil isn’t frozen solid or…

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