January’s Plant of the Month

If you want all year interest in your garden, this popular shrub is for you. Nandina domestica is an upright evergreen shrub which turns coppery-red in the autumn, bears lovely pinkish-white flowers in the summer, and gives rise to shiny red berries in the winter and the spring.

What’s new this January

When it’s dark outside, turn on the bulbs! We have lots of summer flowering bulbs, such as Dahlias and Gladioli, due this month. We also have a fabulous new range of 2020 seed ranges now in, so come and have a look! Also due this month are seed potatoes, onion sets, garlic and shallots.

What to do in the garden in January

It might seem like there’s not a lot that can be done in January, but believe us, there is! Plant-out forced Hyacinth and Narcissus bulbs You can recycle forced bulbs. If you grew some indoor bulbs over Christmas these may well have gone over now. Rather than throw them away plant them in the garden. Sow sweet peas Sow sweet…

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